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Weber Spirit S-315

Weber Grills

The Weber Spirit S-315 Gas Grill with Digital Control is ideal for individuals who are looking for an affordable quality-but-a-little-bigger cook top and a three-burner stainless steel grills.


  • Fuel: Liquid Propane Gas
  • BTU’S: 32.000
  • Cooking Area: 529 in2 (22 burgers)
  • Dimensións
    • Height: 63 in
    • Width: 49.5 in
    • Depth: 32 in
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Porcelain

This high-performance grill features three burners, which ignite with a touch-button system. You can operate all the burners with just one hand, as they are all conveniently placed within easy reach. The Weber Spirit S-315 Gas Grill has a unique touch-scrubber control that prevents your grills from getting dirty.

This high-quality Weber stainless steel gas grill has side tables to help you organize your tools. Its front handle, pull handles, and other parts are made from a durable powder-coated finish that resists rusting. The side tables are also adjustable to provide you with more cooking space.

The Spirit S-315 Gas Grill comes complete with five removable stainless steel tool racks. It has a set of eight removable tool racks that you can keep together for easy access to all of your little black screws and nicks. It also includes a large cutting board, which allows you to cut vegetables or meats directly onto the stainless steel cutting board. There are also two additional non-removable cutting boards, which are great for thinning out fatty pieces of meat and for cutting foil. The side tables are made from a thick but flexible material that protects your table from scratches and other cuts. The Spirit S-315 Gas Grill also includes a large dish pan which can be used to heat up your favorite foods or for serving.

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Man preparing a barbecue on the Weber Spirit S-315
Man preparing a barbecue on the Weber Spirit S-315

Advantages of Weber Spirit S-315

The Spirit S-315 has three individual warming racks. The warming racks are made of strong black stainless steel and are perfect for warming large pans or for warming tortillas. Each individual warming rack is able to hold 16 ounces of food, and it offers an eight-inch lip around each rack for added security. The side tables and the gas grills are both included in the package, along with the sixteen-ounce stainless steel grilling trays and a nine inch plate holder for the warming rack.

The Spirit Grill includes a wide range of accessories. You will find a wide assortment of replacement grates, as well as a large collection of silicone pads to protect your grill from the grease and spill that inevitably occur during a cookout. There are also replacement stainless steel drip pans to protect your heating element from getting soaked with olive oil or other liquids. The Spirit Grill also includes a wide range of serving utensils in the form of a spatula, ladle, and fork. These utensils are made of durable stainless steel and will help make your grilling experience as easy and delicious as possible.

Weber Spirit S-315 in the garden

Conclusions about this Grill

All of the tools necessary to prepare a good meal are included in the Weber Spirit S-315. The eight-inch plate and warming racks are functional and elegant. The easy to use swivel casters make operating the Spirit Grill quick and simple. The large, round stainless steel side tables are durable and lend a face-to-face feel to this versatile and convenient cooking appliance. All of the accessories and extras found on the Spirit S-315 make this rotisserie grill one that anyone interested in entertaining at home would be happy to own.

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