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Napoleon Prestige 500

Napoelon Grills
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If you are looking for a grill with a unique design, the best materials, maximum adaptability and the simplicity of grilling at an ideal cost and guarantee, you should keep reading.


  • Fuel: Natural Gas
  • BTU’S: 80.000
  • Cooking Area: 497 in2 (20 burgers)
  • Dimensións
    • Height: 50.25 in
    • Width: 66.25 in
    • Depth: 26.50 in
  • Weight: 196.65 pounds
  • Material: Stainless Steel

In 2012, Napoleon super-sized its gas barbecue principal line from three to four burners and expanded the required flame space from 450 square crawls to 500 crawls.  This gives a larger barbecue with a much higher heat yield. The P500 is the most original of the Prestige line offering only a direct 4-burner gas barbecue. Apparently, it actually contained Napoleon’s entirety, incorporating these incredible flames.

At the core of any great gas barbecue is the outline of cooking.  All other things are simply beautifying the agents.  Sadly, many barbecue manufacturers add more shine and substance to their flame broils. Napoleon, similar to a small group of organizations, creates a gentle flame. Great hardened steel burners produce a high, even temperature; While cooking cover in porcelain ripple designs make contact with incredible warmth.

Grilles detail Napoleon P500

Napoleon Barbecue is a great development from excellent parts. It is more of a barbecue than a barbecue by Weber or Brill-King. The beginning of Napoleon’s jetfire is a small gas fly released from an electric.

Strong construction

Developed in hardened steel, the Prestige 500 takes on an extraordinary and stunning look. Similarly the selection of ingredients ensures that the barbecue is deeply impermeable to rust and consumption. The off chance that the use is drawn is the thing that you focus on, this is the item for you.

Nevertheless, it is not just the exterior that is strong. On the off chance that you check the cover, you will see that hardened steel is additionally used for bowls, tube burners, double level sing plates and cooking structures. 

Cover detail Napoleon P500

Rigid steel sing plates give extra surface area to dispose of any drippings from your surface and reduce the possibility of flare.  Apart from this, the basic scheme of those burnt plates also saves you a lot of difficulty while cleaning.

Unique design

Apart from the ingredients, this item is similarly high enough to bring to the table with all its exceptional highlights.  First and foremost, this flame broil is equipped with a high-level temperature measurement.  This gadget helps you monitor and monitor temperature.  Something else to discover for the use of this advanced flame is the safety glow.  With this element, the control handle will turn red when the burner is on, which will prove useful when you are barbecue around evening time or cooking different things on different burners.

Discussing the exhibition of this item, here some fascinating realities are contrasted with its incredible range and planning.  This flame broiler burner can shed 80,000 BTUs.  Its side burner in the interim can reach temperatures of about 1,800 ° F for amazing singing.

Control detail Napoleon P500

Napoleon Prestige highlights the 500 offerings and with every single one of the executions, it happens with just a minor flaw.  The Blemish is contained in the Rotisserie Framework which is included as a complete bundle with the gadget.  The metal section that holds the engine is very thin and not sufficiently firm to help with heavy cuts of meat, leaving the bar unattended.  In any case, it just happens to heavy things, so if you’re really a grill sweetheart then this item is still enthusiastically suggested.

Napoleon grills model offers

Advantages of Prestige 500

Infrared burner that runs out of 18,000 BTUs

Napoleon Grill Prestige’s infrared “sizzle-zone” burner offers fully singet meats to heat 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.  This burner also bends as a traditional side burner, allowing you to reduce heat on the off chance that you want for concocted or hot sides, sauces, etc.

The flexibility of the mesh of the back burner means that you can take them to the closed spot you want to cook with utensils and dishes.  While not all grillers will give this technique for cooking on their flame broils, it is a good option, despite this there is no drawback.

Temperature gauge detail Napoleon P500

Jetfire ignition system

A quick, sorted start on this barbecue is a decent reward.  Equipped with a solid jetfire start frame, the Napoleon Prestige 500 guarantees safe lighting and ensures that the Right to First run is touched, even over long periods of time.

Rigid Steel Ser Plates

To help with low shine-up, heat all evenly across barbecuing grates, and disintegrate any drippings to increase your meat type, Napoleon Prestige 500 Flame Brill features a double level, excellent hardened steel burn.  Is prepared with plates.

They likewise help to ensure and delay the existence of burners.  They have a major influence in relation to boosting.

Adequate rotisserie kit

It noted that the acquisition of Napoleon Prestige 500 included a rotisserie unit as well.

Most barbecues make it a frill that must be purchased independently, which can be a lovely expensive extra on the off chance that your wallet doesn’t have too much extra.

Doors detail Napoleon P500

Conclusions about this grill

Napoleon Prestige 500 was illuminated a long time ago.  From rapid beginnings for the classification of approaches for flame brill (gas, charcoal, wood), to inventive wave barbecuing grates, you have yourself an attendant.

In any case, it is not just planning, innovation, and highlighting that are unimaginable on this model; It is likewise, lifespan, and, of course, important flavors and sizzling sings that it gives.

Napoleon Prestige 500 in the garden

The conclusion is that if you are in a flame broil that is North American, made with incredible adaptability, advantageous highlights, and the simplicity of barbecuing for an ideal cost and guarantee, Napoleon Prestige 500 Barbecue is the best choice.

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