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About us

     For many, summertime is BBQ season. But for the serious BBQ enthusiast, barbecuing over a hot grill or smoking a pork butt in a snowstorm is common practice. Nothing will stop the true grill expert from doing what we love and we here at BBQ Grill want to make your next barbecue a successful one.

     Welcome to the home of BBQ Grill. We are an online resource for BBQ guys and gals of all skill levels. From the beginner to the expert, you will always find something useful when you visit us. We offer helpful BBQ grill and BBQ accessory reviews, tasty recipe ideas, informational articles, and a lot more, all designed with your needs in mind.

Barbecue prepared in the Pit Boss 440D

     Whether you cook over coals, hardwood, pellets, or propane, our grilling experts have the experience and know-how to make you the talk of the neighborhood. If you have ever smelled the air on a summer evening and the scent of someone barbecuing some ribs, steaks, or chops made your mouth water, then you will understand what being the grill master is all about.

BBQ Grill Reviews You Can Trust

     There are hundreds of BBQ grills on the market today and each one more specialised than the last. It can become incredibly difficult to know which one is right for you and most big box stores are just trying to sell you the most expensive grill they have, whether it is right for you, or not. Don’t waste your money overspending on a complicated grill that you don’t need. BBQ Grill makes finding the right grill easier than ever. Our experts thoroughly review the latest BBQ grills and show you how to get the most grill for your money.

Cooking in a Weber Spirit S-315

Use Your BBQ To Its Fullest Potential

     And not only do we review the latest grills and barbecue accessories, but we also take the time to show you how to BBQ the right way. From breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to using your BBQ as an oven to make a juicy, succulent roast, or a moist, airy cake, your grill is a versatile extension of your kitchen and we will help you use it to its full potential.