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Pellet Grills

When summer arrives, nothing feels better than having a good grill outdoors with friends and family. However, you should carefully choose the type of grill you are going to use. For example, pellet grills are a great option for those who like to cook meat. Pellet grilling is a method of cooking used in large quantities to grill food quickly and easily. Cooking on pellet grills is the preferred method for many people, simply because it is the cheapest way to grill.

Best pellet on the market

Advantages of pellet grills

Pellet Grills can range from simple, inexpensive models that produce small quantities of pellets to those that are more advanced and expensive. The question that most people have is, what is the best pellet grill to purchase? Here we will answer that question and identify the pros and cons of purchasing different types of pellet grills.

There are many reasons why some individuals prefer to buy pellet grills over other types. Pellets are cheap to use, which helps them to save a lot of money when you consider how much you will pay to pay for your grill over its life. They are simple to use, because they do not need complicated or confusing features like fire starters or fuel injection systems to get started; you just put them out, switch the fuel type, and start grilling.

When you use an electric pellet grill, you control the cooking temperature according to how hot you want your food to be. This means that you can set the temperature to whatever suits you, whether you want to cook something extremely hot or extremely cold. While this feature may not be as convenient as you would like, it is certainly nice when you are done cooking, because you can simply turn down the heat to maintain the cooking temperature.

Traeger Pro Series 34 Grill with Food 2

Electric powered pellet grills do not burn charcoal efficiently. While charcoal is an excellent way to produce heat and a great way to BBQ, it takes a fair amount of effort on the part of the user to properly burn it. Most electric grills simply don’t make use of charcoal as effectively as they should. However, if you are willing to put in the time to properly maintain your grill, you can easily avoid having to purchase charcoal to BBQ with every time you grill.

Overall, all pellet grills offer a number of benefits to the consumer. The biggest benefit is obviously going to be the cost savings that you will see over time. While it does take some extra work to change out wood pellets for charcoal, this extra effort generally pays off in the long run. In addition, many people find that the lack of mess and smoke produced by these types of smokers is well worth the extra effort to use them. If you are looking for a convenient and clean way to prepare food, then you should definitely consider purchasing one of these convenient products.

Detail of the operation with pellets of the Pit Boss 440D

Why a pellet grill?

With options such as charcoal or gas grills, using firewood may not appeal to you as much. But, do you know the advantages this type of grill has? It may just turn out to be exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Many models: Some types of grills have a limited catalog. On the other hand, pellet grills have dozens of options, adjusting for the different types of preferred cuisine. Do you like to take it with you? You can find plenty of portable models. Move it from one side to the other to make the most of the sun? Models with wheels to make moving them easy. Of course, there are also fixed models, made of brick or stone.
  • An adequate price: Many people are put off by the idea of ​​buying a wood-burning grill because of what it will mean spending on firewood. However, the models are so inexpensive that it is a safe long-term investment.
  • Better taste for food: Wood enhances the flavor of food much more than a gas grill. In addition, you can cook any type of product, be it meat, fish or vegetables.
  • Different types of firewood: As with charcoal, in the market you can find different types of firewood to use in your grill. Each one is perfect for a different type of food and will give a different flavor to your dishes.
  • It can be mixed: What if you bought a mixed grill? Many models allow cooking with charcoal and wood. This way you can experiment and decide which of the two meets your needs the most.
  • Durable: The important thing when buying a grill is ensuring that it will last a long time. Wood-burning grills can be made of iron or built-in materials, like stone and concrete. These are painted with thermal paint, which helps to withstand the calorific power of the firewood.

What kind of firewood can you use in a grill?

It is true that in USA there are many types of firewood, so it is not difficult to find one that you can use for the grill. However, first you have to distinguish between the different types. They are usually grouped into two categories:

Hard: Hard firewoods are those that come from trees with great hardness and resistance. They offer the best embers for the grill, and a fantastic calorific performance. For hard woods, the top woods to look at are holm oak, olive, or oak.   

Soft: Unlike the previous ones, these burn more quickly and produce fewer embers. They are not as powerful as hard wood. So, soft wood works best for the preparation of quick dishes. Fruit trees are considered soft wood, except for the orange tree, which is considered hard wood.   

In some areas of Spain, another type of firewood is used, such as vine shoots or branches. These are used for the preparation of paellas or roasts. They require great fire control, so only expert cooks should consider using them. 

What is the heat capacity of each type of firewood?

At first it may take a novice to get used to a wood grill, as controlling the calorific value of this is important. In addition, there are so many types, all of which you can find in stores, which will each have different values..

According to what type of dish your making, one that has more heat capacity than another may be of more interest. For example, if the meat is very thick it will be better to use a higher power one, while on the other hand, if it is for, say, hamburgers, you may not need such intense heat from your wood. 

Ordered from highest to lowest, this is the heat capacity (BTU/lb) of each type of firewood:

  • Holm Oak: 4900
  • Chestnut: 4800
  • Elm: 4790
  • Oak: 4690
  • Olive: 4678
  • Beech: 4630
  • Pine: 4557

The hardest firewoods are those with the highest calorific value. Take into account the heat capacity you need to achieve the most delicious dish.

In some stores they may sell you what is known as “green firewood,” a much cheaper firewood that has less calorific value and that gives off a rather unpleasant white smoke. It is not the best option when it comes to cooking.  

Barbecue prepared in the Pit Boss 440D

How should you light a wood-burning grill?

Remember, it is always better to use firewood from a hard tree, and, of course, always make sure your wood is dry. It is often said that the best firewood for grill has to have been drying out in the open, under the sun, for 6 months. This helps it lose any water it may be holding onto. It should not have branches, nor should it have green leaves or twigs. If it does, this will create thick smoke, plus it will cost much more to light the grill.  

Once you have the firewood on your grill, light the firewood and with the help of shovels or iron tongs, stir until the embers form. It may take about the same time to ignite as charcoal, but you must watch it well to avoid the fire consuming the wood too quickly. 

Where should you locate this type of grill?

Since these types of grills generate a lot of smoke, their location must be ideal. In the event that you are going to build a construction site, if you buy it with a hood, you will not have to worry much about the smoke and you will have more freedom to choose its location.  

On the other hand, if the one you buy is an iron grill, you will have to be a little more careful. Put it away from doors and windows, in an outdoor area where you will not have the wind against it, or the smoke generated will bother you when cooking. Although many grill models have a lid, some dishes are tastier if cooked without it.