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Gas & Electric Pizza Ovens Explained

The popularity of pizza ovens has increased tremendously over the past few years. With a combination of the rising popularity of pizza and the increased availability of pizza ovens, you’ll find these machines quite useful around your home. If you’re looking to purchase one of these machines, you’ll likely be surprised by what you discover out there on the market. There are two types of pizza ovens that you’ll find: gas and electric. Which type is best for your pizza making needs will depend on a number of factors.

Your choice in gas pizza ovens depends largely on whether or not you enjoy cooking your pizza at high temperatures. If so, the brick pizza oven will likely be best for you. Brick ovens cook food at a high temperature because of the open airflow they offer. However, they can also produce extremely hot and burning pizza if you aren’t careful. The advantage to this type of pizza oven is the ease of cleaning up afterward.

In contrast, the better choice when it comes to gas pizza ovens is the steel type. Steel pizza ovens can handle high heat because they have large circulating circulation channels and large channels where heat can escape easily. They may not cook evenly or give you as much control over the heat source, but steel is a very good choice for those who appreciate the way their pizza is cooked.

Size and style are other important considerations when it comes to choosing gas or electric pizza ovens. The size of your family and how much pizza you plan on making may dictate which size you choose. Ease of use and portability are also factors to consider. There are many small pizzas being made today that take up a great deal less space than the traditional ones. The bottom line is to decide what will work best for you.

Cost is another issue for many people. Gas and electric pizza ovens are both relatively inexpensive. While pizzas prepared with wood fired ovens are usually more expensive, they are also more expensive to maintain. A good rule of thumb is to price yourself an average price to get the most for your money. Some gas and electric ovens are sold with special features such as charcoal, pizza stones and burners. This may actually be worth the additional expense.

Other factors to keep in mind include your own pizza toppings and temperature tolerance. Both gas and electric pizza ovens can reach high temperatures. If you are used to cooking with a wood fired grill, you may find the difference in cooking is not noticeable. However, some individuals do not like the taste of a grilled pizza.